Amir Hemmat

Amir Hemmat

Amir Hemmat is the current Senior Director of Public Health and Workplace Safety for Zeel. Amir has focused on the procurement and supply chain management of PPE supplies over the past two decades, beginning with his service as a Health Policy Consultant to the California State Legislature in 2001. He is a longtime advocate for, and policy advisor to, federal and local governments for affordable and accessible healthcare and equipment. Amir is also Senior Advisor for the Health Care and Manufacturing & Supply Chain practices for strategy consulting firm Monarch Global Strategies. In addition to his work with health care and PPE supply chains, he is a co-founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based tech startups Welcome Technologies and SABEResPODER. Amir has a B.A. in Economics from UCLA, a degree in Applied Physiology from Chicago Medical School, and a Masters of Public Health from the University of Southern California.

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